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Vellissima's brand concept is "Graceful Tension, Graceful Relax". A brand that enhances the value of life for women who are mentally independent, have a global perspective, and do not flirt with anything. One of the reasons I made a strong decision to start a brand was the antithesis of the current women's fashion. There are a variety of clothes on the market, such as clothes that are strongly conscious of trends and the opposite sex, and uniform and conservative clothes. I felt that all of them emphasized what others thought. I think fashion is one of the easiest ways to express yourself, and it is part of self-expression that conveys your identity to others in an easy-to-understand manner. Vellissima is a brand for women who enjoy their own personality so that they can enjoy their lives more and more. It is a brand that supports you to be yourself as you are, and I strongly hope that it will be clothes that give courage to such women who will open up their lives with their own hands.